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RED 8K Helium, RED 5K Gemini

Don't think "I will never need 8K" because there are many reasons to shoot in 8K then edit in 4K or HD 1080. Oversampling gives a better image. VFX compositing is better. Still images to be pulled from video. The option to push in to reframe and crop in post is very useful.

Camera body as low as $430 per day

Call for special discount pricing

Included in list price $750 package:
  • RED Epic-W 8K or Gemini 5K camera body with top plate
  • RED base expander with V-mount
  • PL Mount or Canon EF mount
  • RED Touchscreen LCD
  • 15mm LWS with rods
  • (2) 480GB RED Mini-Mag drives + reader
  • (2) V-mount batteries with dual charger

Optional accessories (call for pricing):